Don’t worry, be happy.


No Stress Care.

For 40 years, the Sparkling Pools maintenance team has had one goal: take the stress out of taking care of your pool or spa. Our certified technicians combine decades of experience with expert knowledge of the industry’s most current standards and practices. Our proactive, year-round maintenance program uncovers potential issues before they become problems. It’s “ultimate care”, concierge-level service. In fact, many of our clients have the same pool technician year after year. That’s personal attention, in depth knowledge, that assures your pool, your happiness is ready and waiting.

No Stress Pricing.

Every pool is different. Our care for each individualized to match. But one thing stays the same: Our “Flat Rate” Pricing plan that takes the stress out of service. Unlike other pool companies, it’s a fixed rate that covers your pool or spa opening, in season maintenance, and your pool or spa closing. No unpredictable costs. No unexpected additional charges. Only pleasant surprises like the good times and great memories that lie ahead.
Spring & Summer Maintenance Program

Spring & Summer Maintenance Program

Sparkling Pools’ standard of luxury starts with knowing your dedicated “Ultimate Care” service team will keep your pool and spa equipment humming and the water in your pool clean, clear and inviting. We use minimal synthetics to maintain perfect pH levels and complete algae protection. The Spring & Summer Maintenance program includes:
  • Pool Opening Service
  • Weekly Pool Maintenance
  • Complete Pool systems and parts, preventive and repair service

Fall & Winter Maintenance Program

There’s something wistful about closing your pool for the winter. But there’s comfort in knowing your dedicated Sparkling Pools “Ultimate Care” service team will thoroughly inspect and repair all equipment and winterize your pool or spa so there are no surprises come spring. Our Fall & Winter Maintenance program includes:
  • Complete Pool Closing and Covering Service
  • Winter Pump Cleaning & Storage
  • Winter Watch Monthly Care Program
Fall & Winter Maintenance Program

Pool Opening Service

  • Remove, fold and store winter cover
  • Reconnect pool pump and test heater, prime and start system
  • Cleaning of pool interior
  • Water analysis and treatment

Pool Closing Service

  • Lower pool water to proper winter level
  • Disconnect pool pump, shut down and drain all systems
  • Inspect and perform any needed preventative maintenance or repairs
  • Inspect and perform any needed preventative maintenance or repairs

Weekly Pool Maintenance

  • Perform water chemistry test and treat water as needed
  • Vacuum and brush pool, scrub waterline
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Service filter
  • Test water heater

Proactive "Ultimate Care" Service

  • Identifying and repairing coping, tile and pool surfaces
  • Performing expert leak detection and repair
  • Maintaining a healthy water balance to prevent damage to equipment and/or pool surfaces